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Scarves are more than a fashion accessory, they are truly expressions of art. We strive to highlight unique silk scarves and the history of their craftsmanship by Lyonnais artists and share them with you. Heirloom silk imported from the heart of Europe with a richly woven history by looms, in threads and with love.


Boutique de Soie was born out of a trip abroad visiting my daughter who was residing in Lyon, France. Shopping, we came across several silk shops and were amazed at the high quality, vibrant colors and superior craftsmanship. Falling under the spell of the beauty and story of silk intricately woven into the history of Lyon, we pursued this dream of importing these beautiful pieces of ‘wearable art’. Now, a year later, we are proud to import high quality, classic statement pieces that will be cherished for years to come.


We have a high appreciation of the silk made in Lyon, France and the artisans and merchants that have for over 400 years brought beauty and austerity to Lyon and the world through jacquard looms and the finest threads. The silk road is often said to have begun in Italy, but Lyon was the epicenter of silk for much of Europe since the reign of Louis XIV.

Enjoy silk scarves and ties designed to honor both current & past French artists or customize your own. The classic quality of 100% silk will commemorate a special anniversary or event and offers a unique way to be a brand ambassador with your organization’s logo.

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